New Turbochargers Direct GT3782VA Replacement Turbo For Ford F-250 F-350 F-450 F-550 Excursion 6.0L PowerStroke TUR-101451-TDN

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This is a complete, 100% BRAND NEW, Turbochargers Direct replacement turbo, including the electronic wastegate solenoid.  This is an exact replacement for the Garrett GT3782VA turbocharger that was originally equipped on the Ford 6.0L PowerStroke diesel V8. This turbo is guaranteed to be a direct bolt-on, exact fit OEM replacement! Fits 2003 & early 2004 Ford Super Duty pickups and 2003-2005 Excursion, all with the 6.0L PowerStroke diesel. If you have a 2004 Super Duty, check the VIN label on your drivers doorjamb - this only fits 2004 models with a production date of 9/29/2003 or earlier 

Turbochargers Direct brand turbos are precision engineered and manufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications. Every component on this turbo is brand new, never rebuilt. We are so confident in the superior quality of our Turbochargers Direct brand turbos that we include a FREE 2 YEAR WARRANTY. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and strict quality control standards ensure that you will receive a turbo you can rely on for years to come. 

This is guaranteed to be an exact fit replacement for the OEM Turbocharger and replaces the interchange part numbers listed on this page. This Turbocharger may also interchange with other part numbers. If you need help identifying the correct part for your application, please contact us for expert technical support. 

Product Type: Turbocharger 

Our SKU: TUR-101451-TDN 

Condition: New 

Brand: Turbochargers Direct® 

Model: GT3782VA 

Interchange Part Number(s): 015TC2100610, 015TC21006100, 015TC2100900, 015TC21009000, 100TBC511, 100TBC511S, 100TBC522, 100TBC522S, 1832160C91, 1832617C91, 1837984C91, 1837984C92, 1837984C93, 1837984C94, 1837984X91, 1840054C95, 1840054C96, 1840054C97, 1840054C98, 1846764C91, 1877833C91, 1877833C92, 1882377C1, 2N203, 2N-203, 2T203, 2T-203, 2T203K1, 2T-203K1, 3370037, 337-0037, 3C349T428AD, 3C3Z6K682AA, 3C3Z-6K682-AA, 3C3Z6K682AARM, 3C3Z-6K682-AARM, 3C3Z6K682BA, 3C3Z-6K682-BA, 3C3Z6K682BARM, 3C3Z-6K682-BARM, 3C3Z6K682CB, 3C3Z-6K682-CB, 3C3Z6K682CBRM, 3C3Z-6K682-CBRM, 3C3Z6K682CC, 3C3Z-6K682-CC, 3C3Z6K682CCRM, 3C3Z-6K682-CCRM, 5010089C95, 5010089R96, 57739900000, 5773-990-0000, 7205230001, 720523-0001, 7205230003, 720523-0003, 7205230005, 720523-0005, 7205235001, 720523-5001, 7205235003, 720523-5003, 7205235005, 720523-5005, 7205239001, 720523-9001, 7205239003, 720523-9003, 7205239005, 720523-9005, 7253900001, 725390-0001, 7253900002, 725390-0002, 7253900003, 725390-0003, 7253900004, 725390-0004, 7253900006, 725390-0006, 7253905001, 725390-5001, 7253905002, 725390-5002, 7253905003, 725390-5003, 7253905003S, 725390-5003S, 7253905004, 725390-5004, 7253905006, 725390-5006, 7253905006S, 725390-5006S, 7253909001, 725390-9001, 7253909002, 725390-9002, 7253909003, 725390-9003, 7253909004, 725390-9004, 7253909006, 725390-9006, 7253909006S, 725390-9006S, 7357PP, 7357-PP, 8299738105, 829-973-8105, 8299738837, 829-973-8837, A1370109N, A1370110N, A8370101R, AP90000, DT3C3Z6K682CCR, DT3C3Z-6K682-CCR, GAR164, GAR820, T2007, TBC511, TBC511S, TBC522, TBC522S, TS7253905002, TS725390-5002, TS7253905003, TS725390-5003, TS7253909002R, TS725390-9002R, TS7253909003R, TS725390-9003R, TUR0260109N, TUR0260201R 

Warranty: 24 Month - Industry Best Warranty 

Weight: 37.3 lbs 

Years: 2003, 2004, 2005 

Makes: Ford 

Models: Excursion, F-250 Super Duty, F-350 Super Duty, F-450 Super Duty, F-550 Super Duty 

Engines: 6.0L